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I have been in the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge program for almost 3 years and love it. I joined the lifetime membership of hard work, dedication, and study!  I am a Software Engineer who has turned into a full-time day trading nomad. Check out my stats on TheLostNomad

When I started this day trading journey my thoughts, notes, trades, watchlists, strategies, etc were scattered.  I would have 20+ .txt documents, excel sheets (with way too many tabs), multiple Word docs, all to track my trades, statistics, and webinars/video lesson notes.  In short, I was scattered and I needed something better to help consolidate my disarray of information.

I started looking at day trading software and everything was so expensive and didn’t really provide what I needed.  All I wanted was something simple and easy to use to log my trades and organize my notes for the Day Trading niche that we are a part of.

So a little more than 2 years ago, I started working on a project, a SW App, for myself. I had no intentions of ever releasing it. It was purely for my own organizational needs.  I opened up x-code and started to program.  I called it my Trading Journal.  Because that's what it was. My diary of trades and notes.  Just something to keep me organized, track my progress, and research a little faster. Plus it was fun to develop.

My Trading Journal started out very simple; a log of my trades with a feature to consolidate my notes (linking notes to trades & tickers).  I started using it every day and every time I would say “Darn, I really wish I could do _____”, I would develop and integrate it.  Well, taking a step back and looking at the app now [a year after starting development on it], it looked really cool!  I literally use it every day, always making improvements, and it's 100% functional. I said to myself, why not release it in the App Store? See if I can help someone else who was just like me... A disorganized mess! 😂 

I designed this app to help me become a better trader, and that is exactly what it continues to do.  My Trading Journal is a day trading companion that helps organize your notes, develop trading strategies, link notes and strategies directly to your trades, and show your statistics to help you improve your overall skill.

This application was built by a day trader, for day traders.  I literally use this application every day and I am continuously making improvements, without sacrificing its simple, easy-to-use interface.  Have an idea? Let me know, we can build this together.


Although the developer is a member of the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge program, My Trading Journal has no affiliation with Timothy Sykes the person nor any of his affiliations.