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Is there a free trial period?

YES! There is a 7-day free trial. It follows Apple's standard guidelines, which means that you can cancel the subscription anytime within the first 7 days. If you decide to cancel, it's super easy to do so. Just check out "How do I cancel my subscription" below. If you don't cancel the subscription within the free trial period, it will automatically transition to a full subscription. Also note, I would love to hear your feedback. So if you do decide cancel, please send me a message via the app.

How do I cancel my subscription

Open My Trading Journal and navigate to Settings -> Manage Subscription, then click "Manage Subscription in ITunes". From there, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription.

Or checkout the links below for more information on how to cancel any App Store subscription

Is My Trading Journal data safe?

Your data is as safe as any other data that you keep on your personal computer.

My Trading Journal is a stand-alone application, no user data is collected, no user data is transmitted off the users device. All data that the user inputs is stored unencrypted in a database located on the users device. Only anonymized debug data, crash reports, and app analytics are uploaded from the app. Smart Notes are stored in text files on the users device. Therefore, all your data is as safe as any other data that you keep on your personal computer.

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For more information, please see our End User License Agreement and our Privacy Notice

Does My Trading Journal support logging for option trading

Partially. My Trading Journal is designed around trading stocks - Buy, sells, shorts, covers. However, some support has been integrated for options

Does My Trading Journal support fractional shares

Yes. My Trading Journal supports logging of fraction shares up to 5 decimal digits. So you can log 0.00001 shares of a $100 stock.

Can you place/order/make trades from My Trading Journal

No. My Trading Journal is a journal. It is like a diary of your trading career. You can import all your trades, add trades as you are making them, and view your trading statistics. Keep track of your progress, learn, and grow. Create strategies. Link trades to your strategies for analysis. Organize your notes and link your notes to your trades/tickers. It is an all-in-one day trading journal that you can't believe you never had.

Is my broker supported for importing trades?

Yes! My Trading Journal support the following brokers for direct transaction statement import, but it also has a Generic Broker importing tool.

The Generic Broker import tool can be used to import any transaction statement downloaded from your brokerage. It just requires a little editing beforehand.

Also note, that with your help, I'm looking to expand the number of brokers My Trading Journal supports for direct import. Please send me a message for more information on how to get your broker included in the supported brokers list. It usually takes me less than one week to integrate a new broker.

How do I import trades from my broker?

Checkout My Trading Journal YouTube Channel, or look below for your broker. If your broker is not supported for direct transaction statement import, then watch the Generic Broker import, or send me a message for information on how to add your broker to the direct import list.

How do I submit a request to add my broker to the direct import list?

If your broker is not currently in the list of supported brokers for direct import, or you are tired of using the Generic Broker import (or your transaction statement is unique and is unable to be parsed using the Generic Broker import tool), you can request to have your broker added. Please send me a message. Contact information is within the app's Settings page

How do I add a new trade manually?

From the homepage (The first page shown when you open the app), enter a ticker in the top-left corner, and press enter. From there you will see two buttons "New Analysis" and "New Trade". Click on the "New Trade" button.

Alternatively, you can click on any ticker already listed within the homepage. This will also take you to the "Ticker" page.

How do I create a strategy (and link it to trades)?

From the homepage, click on the "Strategy" button. From this page you can add, view, or edit any strategy that you have. Click "Create Strategy" and create your strategy.

Once your strategy is created, you can link the strategy to a trade within the "Trade" page. When you make a trade, there is a strategy drop-down menu. Simply select the strategy that was played within the Trade window. That's it. Now you can go back to the strategy page and see statistics for that strategy.

How do I use the Smart Notes?

Checkout the Smart Notes Guide

How do I use the news?

Click news. Click edit. Follow instructions and add your webpage

How do I read the Statistics?

Checkout the Statistics Guide

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