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(Supports stocks, long & short)

100% of all net profits will be donated to charity

track all your stock trades, stock analysis, and stock statistics

All your trades in one place

All your trades across all your brokers consolidated and chronologically organized in one place. See all the trades you've made and a summary of the statistics on any day from the beginning of your trading career.

In addition to your trades, your research is just as important. Quickly see the roll-up of your stock analyses for every stock you've traded, aligned with your trades.

Check out that ticker!

Enter a ticker or click on one of your trades to view all your trades and analyses for that ticker! This is your go-to page to create a new trade or start some research on a stock. Filter your trades by date or type.

With a click of a button you can open up all your favorite websites for research (already loaded with your selected ticker), and quickly view the minute, intra-daily, or daily charts.

View trade statistics and keep a trade log
Journal your trade details. Buy, sell, short, long, shares, risk, reward, profit, loss, entry, exit.

Add trading details

Add your trades as you're making them. Use the helpful risk/reward calculator, add entry and exit comments, and see profits and % gain immediately. You can also import all of your trades from your broker using our broker import tool.

Any Smart Notes you have taken for this ticker throughout the day or in the past will auto-magically appear right where you need them. All notes, from the beginning of time, regarding this ticker, are consolidated right here!

Wow! Look at those statistics

See your progress by reviewing your overall trading statistics. View today, this week, 30-days, 90-days, YTD, or any past year you want to see. Filter on trade type or even on broker.

View the statistics that count. It's not just important to win more than you lose, but also to make more money when you win than when you lose. Maintaining a consistent percent gain and always cutting your losses quickly.

Learn and scale your trade statistics. Winning percent. Percent gain and loss.
View profit and loss statistics aggregated by day week month or year.

Aggregate your Profit/Loss by day, week, month, or year!

Sometimes it's not enough to just see your overall statistics. Viewing your statistics by day, week, month or even year can help you learn and focus on what you are doing right.

Easily switch between aggregation ranges on all your trading data and filter by type (long or short) and broker.

Research and Analyze your stocks

Your trading journal is not complete without a log of your research. Use these 10 crucial indicators to help you organized your research and analysis each stock. Then rate your analysis to help compare and contrast different stocks

Get your news fast with a click of a button, and take a screenshot of your stock you are analyzing for future review.

*Please read the EULA, and see the disclaimer below.

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Create strategies. Improve your strategy. Track progress. trading strategy. Your trading plan. Stock market play. trade plan

Create your own strategies

See what's working and not by creating your own strategies and linking them directly to your trades. View strategy statistics, then hone and fine-tune your strategy. Export your strategy results to Excel for further analysis

Take Smart Notes

Stop taking disorganized and scattered notes! Finally, there is a way to organize all your notes throughout the day. Smart Notes is your companion to jot down a quick note, create alerts/reminders, set up categories, build watchlists, and keep track of all your stock market notes in one place.

All notes you take using Smart Notes are parsed and organized within the app to provide the data you need when you need it. Analysis, ticker notes, categories, etc.

Research stocks, analyze tickers, trade research and notes. Organize your trading log. Create watchlist. Custom watchlist. alerts. Market watch.
News Catalyst, what is happening. twitter, stocktwits, SEC. breaking news.

Find out what's happening quicker

Open all your favorite news, SEC, or research sites with one click. Websites open with your ticker already inserted.

9 live webviews that you can easily set up, open, close, and see what's happen as it happens.

Instantly view charts

Want to configure custom date/time/[minute, 5-min, daily] in your already closed trading platform? No? Neither do we! With the support of Big Charts weblink we can quickly view the chart on the day/time we made the trade! Just click on your trade from any day, click Charts, and BAM, you can see the stocks chart for the day you traded it!

*We have no affiliation with Big Charts. We only open an embedded web browser with a pre-configured link. We also provide you with the pre-configured link so that you can open Big Charts in your own browser for further analysis.

Charting. intra-day. intraday. candle-stick. open high low close. daily. minute.
Import all your trades. View statistics. Create Strategies. anaylyze stocks.

Import your trades!

Is your broker supported? Yes! Not only does My Trading Journal support a few brokers for direct transaction statement import, but it also has a Generic Broker importing tool. The Generic Broker import tool can be used to import any transaction statement downloaded from your brokerage. It just requires a little editing beforehand.

Just download your transaction history statement from your broker and follow the steps. You can even request for your broker to be added to the directly supported broker list.

Settings... Is this a feature?

This is where you can import your trades, change your timezone (although, we recommend using EST, as most stock-related activity revolves around this time), and export all your trading data (across all your brokers) into Excel for further analysis.

There is also a quick link to our FAQs and other important documents. Be sure to read our EULA and Privacy. Also, if you have a feature request, you can reach out to the developer here.

Import stock market trades. Import your trading journal.


My Trading Journal supports logging for trading stocks, long and short (buy, sell, short, cover). Logging for options trading is not supported. You cannot place, order, nor make a trade using this application.

We do not give any stock market advice nor recommendations. We are not a financial institution. We are not a financial advisor. Our application is only for the organization of user data. We do not guarantee this application will help you in any way. The data presented within this application is for information purposes only. Sean Mayes and My Trading Journal are not registered as securities broker-dealers or investment advisers. No information within this application or on supporting websites is intended as security brokerage, investment, tax, accounting or legal advice, or as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or even endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, fund, or security.