Trader Checklist Guide

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Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the webpage. Nothing on this page is trading advice. Please do your own research, analysis, due-diligence, etc.

Trader Checklist

The trader checklist is designed to help you quickly analyze a stock based on your own criteria.

Checklist Settings


A quick description of the item for your checklist


The left most button will added full weight to the score. The middle will add half weight to the score. The right most button will add zero weight to the score. If nothing is selected, it is the same as selecting the middle button.

Set each button such that the left most button fits the best answer to your checklist item (description)


The weight for each checklist item. The score is computed from these weights by adding up all the weights and dividing by the total sum of the weights. Just like the score for an exam.

Trader Checklist

How to use

The left most button will added full weight of that item to the score, the middle adds half weight, the right button adds zero weight. Analyze a stock by going through your checklist and reviewing the score.

The score

Red: Below 50, I wouldn't trade it.

Orange: Below 70, Meh... I'll watch it.

Green: Above 70, This fits my checklist and may be tradable.


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